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" Our goal at Gold Star Recycling is to provide the most competitive pricing on the metals we purchase. Our mission is to conduct business with honesty and integrity. We strive to go above and beyond the expectations of our customers so they will always consider Gold Star Recycling to be their number one recycling choice. "

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*New Electronic Recycling

We are now offering full service electronic recycling. With our guarantee data destruction you can rest assured knowing your personal information is securley destroyed while helping to protect our environment. For more information or to get a complete list of our e-scrap click below

The U.S. recycles over 135 million metric tons of end life materials from people like you, businesses, and manufacturers into useful raw materials that are essential to the manufacturing of new products. Gold Star recycles these ferrous materials from cars to appliances to the tin can your soup came in. Ferrous metals can be eaisily identified by seeing if a magnet is drawn to the metal. If it is then its most likely a steel / ferrous metal. Click on the link below for more information.


Expert Advice

We are always happy to explain any questions you have including the best way to prepare your material to get the best price.  


Commercial Pick Up

We have 40' to 48'  trailers for those large loads to help reduce hauling and preparation costs.  


Stay Up to Date with the Latest Metals News


Vehicle Verification

A lost title may not be an issue at all. We can verify your vehicle so there's no need to file for lost title. 


Metals can be recycled with minimal or no loss of their original physical properties. We recycle copper, aluminum, brass, stainless steel, lead, auto batteries, catalytic convertors and much more. For more information or to get a list of the non-ferrous metals accepted click below 

"They were honest and explain stuff to me even did some price checking to try and get me the most for my metal"

Gold Star Recycling, 605 Empire Drive, Jefferson City, MO 65109, is a locally owned and operated metal recycling facility. Gold Star buys most metal and e-scrap products from the public. We pay cash for anything made of metal from a combine to the old pot sitting on the stove to the broken down car taking up room in the yard. The best part about it is we pay you for junk! We are proud to help serve the community. Here is what one of our customers had to say:

Car Towing

We know not every one has a truck and trailer so when the car no longer starts we can help get it here.